Bedrich: The Brownie IV

Bedrich stood frozen wondering what to do.

“I wouldn’t worry about him,” said a voice from the trees.

“Who goes there?” Bedrich calls out.

“I’m up here. High up on the trees,” it said.

When Bedrich looks up he faces a lynx. “Why hallo there,” Bedrich greeted him.

“Hallo,” he spoke without moving its lips. “He won’t hurt you. He protects the swamp and those that live in it.”

“There never use to be a swamp before. Why is it here? Do you know?” Bedrich said.

“The swamp appears where he goes.”

“But why?”

“There was once a war so vicious and cold that it almost destroyed the swamp and the creatures that live in it. He made this place a bulwark against future destruction and moves it when the time comes again. This swamp has flourished since he became their protector. He is harmless but he may mislead wanderers if he thinks they are here maliciously. He gave shelter to the Psychais when they fled the crocotta. The crocotta was fooled and was extruded for trespassing along with his hunter.”

“What is he?”

“Some say he is a water spirit, others a shape shifting sea monster, nobody knows.”

“But you do know?” Bedrich inferred.

“I do, but as you know, I am the keeper of secrets,” he said. “I can only speak of the hidden truths that many can never be deciphered– that is if you encounter me. I must go now. Goodbye.” He simply faded away before Bedrich’s eyes.

So there the swamp was and there it will stay until it must transpose again. Bedrich continued wih his journey. Legend of Archibal

The End?