Bedrich: The Little Brownie

Brownies were one of the magical creatures that lived among humans. One in particular inhabited a small hut on the edge of town near a wooded area called the Black Forest. He was a small fellow, smaller than a house cat, who lived in a hole in the wall of an old hut. His home was a very comfortable place, indeed it was, where he worked through the night and slept through the day. If you have never seen a brownie before that is because they do not like to be seen. They like working at night and for an exchange of food they are happy to do tasks around the house.               From ‘Legend of Archibal


Bedrich was an unusual looking brownie with pale white hair, a matching beard, rosy cheeks and a twinkle in his big hazel eyes. He wore a red shirt, brown overalls, black shiny shoes and a red pointed cap. One of Bedrich favorite things to do was travel the lands while he visited family and friends. Along the way, he saw the most beautiful things and also the most abhorrent of all creatures, but he wasn’t afraid. Oh, no, he was as brave as any other brownie.

He always started his journey early in the morning as the sun rose from the east. It was his favorite time of the day. He had a large breakfast and when he was done he packed everything up in his bindle, carried it with a stick over his shoulder and off he would go. This particular morning he had trekked through the thick woods when he came to a halt. There was a swamp in the middle of the woods. He couldn’t recall this ever being here. He has journeyed through these woods for as long as he could remember. There was no swamp before. When did this swamp appear? Maybe he had just forgotten. No matter, it did not deter him from trekking through it. He put down his bindle, took his stick and tapped it on fallen branches and had it turn into a boat.

He pushed the boat onto the murky waters jumped in with his bindle on a stick. The boat stirred by itself, sailing wherever Bedrich was heading. Of course, Bedrich guided it with his magic. A few eyes, blinked as he passed by them, some looked friendly others looked questionable. He saw a few frogs, butterflies, lightning bugs, and other small insects.

“My, haven’t the woods changed,” he said to no one. “I wonder what lives here now.” As he drifted deeper the place became more extraordinary with all the shades of green.                                                                                  to be continued……