The Legend of Archibal: part 2

I enjoyed writing The Legend of Archibal. My favorite part were the hunters and their vivid display of bravery. How they gathered at the Swan Inn, built up their courage and went to their hunts like men that went into battles. My main character, Walter is a twelve year old boy who is getting accustomed to a new town called Absjorn, seeing all this excitement with the hunters let’s him experience something fascinating than the monotone life he has led lately. His mother moves around quite frequently and he finds adjusting a bit difficult especially when his mother doesn’t inspire him to be imaginative. Things like fairies and brownies don’t exist, she reminds him.

Along with his friend, Alden, they find adventure and discover that magic is as real as the trees and mountains. They need to save the town of Absjorn from a hybrid wolf that is terrorizing them. Along the way, Alden tells him about the Black Forest, a very dark and enchanted place where people never come back from. A witch resides in the Black Forest that Walter encounters one day. He also encounters Archibal, a wizard who no longer uses magic but soon finds he needs to relearn it to help Walter against the hybrid wolf.    Legend of Archibal